Starbury Basketball Shoes are Back!

Starbury Strike Orange Colorway
Starbury Strike Orange Colorway

Stephon Marbury’s low cost basketball shoes, called Starbury’s, are back, better than ever and available online and soon at CitiTrends stores. Starbury hats, apparel and shoes were originally sold at Steve & Barry’s back in 2006. Good things stay around or come back and the Starbury brand offers tremendous, low cost shoes that anyone can afford.

Basketball is a game many people are passionate about, but sometimes that passion goes away and what Jordan’s you’re wearing matters more, or kids poke fun at whoever can’t afford the latest and greatest basketball shoe. Starbury is about ending that disconnect and letting everyone play and love the game.

The more kids play basketball, the less they’re on the streets, or at home playing video games and the more they make friends. Stephon Marbury is catering to kids, saying he’s not a prestigious guy who can’t where the same shoes as anyone else.

The more we relate and sympathize with people of all backgrounds, the more the game of basketball can spread and grow. Spread the game, love the game and don’t make fun of anyone balling in Starbury’s.

If you see someone being made fun of for wearing cheaper shoes, get everyone to relax, not focus on the shoes and just play basketball. Kids are bullied more and more these days and it needs to stop everywhere, especially on the basketball court.

Starbury’s may not be the latest shoe LeBron is wearing, they may not be Jordan’s, but a shoe is a shoe and what matters is what you do in them. Everyone can be their best selves, no matter what the circumstance and basketball is a vehicle for that.

Go far with your game and let your game be just like your life, no matter how good or talented you think you are. Basketball is a world game, a people’s game and, most importantly, a unified game. Everyone can play basketball and have fun, everyday under the sun ?

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