Kings Add Experienced Vets

Zach Randolph
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The Kings are bringing in veteran players to complement their young core. Zach Randolph, George Hill and Vince Carter are taking their talents to Cali. Vlade Divac is to thank for these smart signings.

The reason for bringing these guys in, aside from experience, is the lessons they can teach. Buddy Hield, Skal Labissiere and the other young fellas are going to benefit immensely from this.

The lessons from the new King vets go beyond the court too. Rookies and other young guns can get caught up in life. They need big brothers who can level them out and get them to focus.

Now it comes down to getting all the Kings to buy in. Get the younger players committed, build a team that plays together, likes one another and compete.

What do you think of the Kings moves? Is Vlade Divac steering the Kings in the right direction? Can the Kings make a playoff run next year?

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The Kings likely won’t make the playoffs next year. The West is deep, if they were to make it, which would be great experience for them, they’d likely be in the seventh or eighth spot. Being in the seventh or eighth spot means the Kings wouldn’t last too long in the playoffs.

While Divac is making the right moves for the Kings, a short playoff stint is definitely more of a short term gain. That being said, these are the right moves to allow the young players the Kings have now to be the best they can be.

Hats off to Vlad Divac and here’s to a healthy, competitive season for the Kings!

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