Timberwolves Win Game One in Denver

The Minnesota Timberwolves went into Denver and stole game one from the Nuggets, 106-99. Minnesota played stifling defense, withstood Denvers runs, and hit enough shots down the stretch to eek out a win. Anthony Edwards was the catalyst for the Timberwolves, finishing an efficient night with 43 points, and seven boards.

What separates Minnesota from other teams is their ability to play both sides of the ball. A play early in the second half exemplified that perfectly. This video starts when they play occurred:

Timberwolves Basketball in a nutshell

With 9:18 left in the third, Michael Porter Jr. faked a three, got KAT to bite on the fake, then MPJ went to a give and go with Jokic at the free throw line area. MPJ then got his shot blocked by Anthony Edwards. Jaden McDaniels got the ball, and passed it ahead to KAT. Karl-Anthony Towns continued to the basket, and dunked, and one, while sandwiched between Jamal Murray and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

That play was incredible to watch, and if Minnesota can do that time and time again, they’ve got a chance to win this series. Minnesota has lots of size, up and down their roster, which enables them to matchup well with the Nuggets.

Jamal Murray finished with 17 points on 14 shots. He showed flashes of brilliance, including a layup with his back turned to the basket (shortly after the 6:40 mark of the third quarter), but has got give the Nuggets more offensively. His four assists were important, but he looks less than 100%, and has to put his foot on the gas more if Denver wants to right the ship.

Minnesota can matchup size wise, as mentioned, but if Denver can play faster, they can poke bigger holes into the TWolves’ defense. Even though the Timberwolves move well on the perimeter, the Nuggets can speed things up and get their defense to scramble more.

Naz Reiddddddd

Naz Reid really showed up big when the Timberwovles needed him. KAT had five fouls, and had to go to the bench. Reid banked in a three, followed an ANT miss with a dunk, and stood his ground defensively.

Game Two Monday

If you’re Michael Malone and the Nuggets, how do you adjust to contain Minnesota? Make McDaniels and Conley take more shots would be huge. They combined for 15 shots total, McDaniels didn’t even score last night. The Nuggets will probably double and force the ball out of Edwards’ hands more in game two. McDaniels is an easy guy to leave, and while he can get hot, you’ll live with him scorching you as opposed to Anthony Edwards.

This was an incredible game. This series looks primed to be one to remember. It’ll be exciting to watch how these teams adjust and come out in game two Monday night. Seeing a Minnesota upset continue would be special!

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