Phil Jackson’s Concentric Three Point Line Idea

Phil Jackson photo by Keith Allison on Flickr

Phil Jackson was interviewed on Today’s Fastbreak and among many other intriguing insights, he talked about a concentric three point line (a three point circular arc, having the same distance all around). This is a great idea!

Here’s exactly how Phil Jackson put it:

The court should also be widened so that the three-point arc would be concentric, and players wouldn’t be stepping out of bounds so much when looking to shoot treys from the corner.

Phil Jackson would like to see the court lengthened by 10 feet too, which bails players out, but the idea of having a consistently deep three point arc is gold. Keeping the arc the same distance gives players a better idea of where to shot from (less checking their feet) and allows referees to more easily call the game.

Let’s make the three point arc concentric! Widen the court a wee bit and let the three point shot be more easily integrated into the game. Phil Jackson may even throw on some sneakers and nail a three; when the arc is concentric!

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