Néstor Colmenares Shows Potential

Néstor Colmenares showed potential to be a solid backup player in France’s blowout win over Venezuela. While the Venezuelan offensive execution was porous most of the time (that’s why they lost by 40!), Colmenares proved he can get shots off quickly in the paint and use his athleticism to make great plays on defense. Néstor Colmenares also has quick hands and when he drives right, he finishes with ease. Does he have a lot to work on? Yep, like all players, Colmenares is no different.

Néstor Colmenares needs to expand his offensive repertoire. Mid range jump shoots, floaters off the dribble and better footwork would propel his scoring output. Colmenares is already a great back to the basket finisher, despite how small he seems on the court (he is 6′ 8″ but plays smaller).

Defensively, Néstor Colmenares isn’t bad at all. While defending NBA players could be difficult initially, when you talk about size, strength and quickness all in one player, Colmenares is strong, but lateral quickness is something he needs to work on.

Néstor Colmenares is a solid 28 year old talent. Could he do a ton in the NBA? It remains to be seen. Does Colmenares have the potential and time to become a great backup? Most likely. Use the time and ability you have, Néstor Colmenares! Most people would beg for Néstor Colmenares’ skill-set.

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