NBA Talk: Samuel Dalembert to the Charlotte Bobcats? reports that Philadelphia 76ers center Samuel Dalembert and their 17th overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft look to trade them to the Charlotte Bobcats for power forward Vladimir Randmanovic, center Nazr Mohammad, and their twelfth overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Although it does sound like a good deal, and that many Philadelphia fans, including the man who wrote that article for, want to see Dalembert go, it will mess up the cap even more for the Sixers as it will add two million dollars more to the cap.

And also, the Sixers can get someone at the 17th pick that’s very valuable. Probably someone like Tyler Hansbrough for a change. The Sixers announced they liked Ty Lawson and they don’t want to risk their chance of losing him because they do have a possible chance of getting him at the 17th pick.

We never what may happen, but maybe that Bobcats trade may actually work. It may happen. Time will tell and NBA fans will wait.

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