Give LeBron, Cavs Credit

As hard it was to write the title to this post, LeBron James and the Cavs deserve a tip of the hat for winning the Cavs first NBA championship. While there’s a slew of excuses Warrior fans will come up with for why they lost, at the end of game seven the Cavs took it all and for Golden State, it’s time to regroup this off season and come back better than ever.

While overall LeBron winning the Finals MVP made sense, it was surprising to hear no one bothered giving Kyrie Irving a vote. Kyrie Irving was the most consistent offense assassin for the Cavs, could create his own shot at will and Kyrie never shied away from taking and making clutch shots. LeBron was much more multifaceted, making a more noticeable defensive impact, but his jump shot was only consistent for two (maybe three) games. Either way, the final decision stands, but to say Kyrie Irving was anything but fantastic is a misnomer.

Congrats again to Cleveland, Ohio, LeBron and the whole Cavs organization. It was an entertaining series, someone had to lose, but adversity and momentary discomfort is the only way to truly transform and grow. The Warriors are planting next seasons seeds now and their organization is full of extraordinary gardeners!

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