The Brooklyn Nets Aren’t Done Yet

The Nets made a blockbuster trade to acquire James Harden today. It’s a huge move but it makes Brooklyn super top-heavy. Here’s a great tweet from Bobby Marks talking about what’s going to help Brooklyn round out their roster.


What the Nets Need

The Nets need more frontcourt players. DeAndre Jordan is their only big with experience at the moment (Nicolas Claxton is on the roster too). Jeff Green can play the four along with KD (maybe James Harden could play the four in a small lineup), but to go against Anthony Davis and other talented big men the Nets have got to add depth at the center spot.

DeAndre is a solid veteran who brings lots of energy, but you never know what could happen. He could get hurt, or miss extended time due to COVID. Surely the Nets are looking at the free agent and trade markets to find a dependable backup center.

If no one else gets hurt or misses lots of time this season the Nets roster is strong. They ought to fill all three of these roster spots in time. They just gave up a lot of their bench for Harden and can always use another player.

Adding another big is essential. That’s a top priority! It would be nice to have another PG and a wing player Steve Nash could count on when they need someone else to step up.

Is this a surefire championship team? It’s the best team on paper in the East. They need to come together as a team and show how dominant they can be. The Nets should blowout teams, show they’ve got camaraderie and the ability to close out competitive games.

It’s exciting to see another group of superstars come together in the NBA. Let’s see if they can rock this thing like it’s 2021!

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