Tim’s Back with the Pacers Tim Hardaway has played two games with his new team, the Pacers. They have won both games against the Bulls and the Suns. In the first game vs. the Bulls Tim had 14 points. He gave a command performance with the Pacers. In the second game he didn’t play much … Read more

Mavs beat Kings For The First Time this season in OT. Today the Mavs beat the Kings 129-123. I did not think the Kings would have a good chance to win because they beat Dallas 3 times this season and the last two times they played it’s gone into OT!

Dan Majerle’s Number Retired On Sunday Dan Majerle’s number 9 was retired in Phoenix. I think he does not deserve it because he didn’t seem like one of the greatest Phoenix Sun’s in history. He didn’t seem that good but he can shoot a bit. But I think it’s nice that they would do that … Read more

SHAQ’s SCORING MORE Watch out! Shaq is starting to be himself again. With his last 2 games he has a combined 79 points! He’s been on a little streak the last 2 games as the Lakers have won 3 in a row and have taken the 6th spot in the West. Watch out Minnesota the … Read more

SIXERS GET A NEW PLAYER but WHO IS IT? The Cavalier’s lately waived Tyrone Hill. The Sixers who traded him were one of the teams that wanted him back – badly. Larry Brown said they needed a big man who can defend on this stretch. “I think its a good thing the Sixers got this … Read more

HORRY’s Game Winning Shot Last night the LA Lakers were against the Indiana Pacers. It was all tied up 95 to 95. I think there were 2.3 seconds left and Robert Horry had the ball – it looked like he was going to shoot a three – but then he moved up and shot it … Read more

ELGIN BAYLOR CLIPPERS COACH Elgin Baylor fired the Clippers head coach earlier this week.and now the assistant coach is the head coach. Elgin said he fired him because they never had a winning record this season. I think it was a way good thing that they fired Alvin Gentry because they never won games and … Read more

TWOLVES AGAINST THE RED HOT KINGS Tonight on ESPN at 9PM the Twolves will go up against the Kings. Both teams are playing very well at the moment even though both teams have lost their last game. I think the Kings will definitely win it but I’d like to see it go into overtime because … Read more

LISTEN UP NOW Listen up Charles Barkley’s show is doing well but I think they should do more on the Jet’s court like get the Jet to shoot some 3s. I think KG is talked about being MVP. Charles, you are wrong. Kobe’s the best choice for MVP!

MJ HURTS JALEN Today I heard that MJ knocked Jalen Rose’s tooth out last night when they faced each other. The Wizards won that game. I think that he knocked his tooth out because both teams are playing very physical at this point in the season. I learned that MJ elbowed Jalen and that’s why … Read more