ELGIN BAYLOR CLIPPERS COACH Elgin Baylor fired the Clippers head coach earlier this week.and now the assistant coach is the head coach. Elgin said he fired him because they never had a winning record this season. I think it was a way good thing that they fired Alvin Gentry because they never won games and … Read more

TWOLVES AGAINST THE RED HOT KINGS Tonight on ESPN at 9PM the Twolves will go up against the Kings. Both teams are playing very well at the moment even though both teams have lost their last game. I think the Kings will definitely win it but I’d like to see it go into overtime because … Read more

LISTEN UP NOW Listen up Charles Barkley’s show is doing well but I think they should do more on the Jet’s court like get the Jet to shoot some 3s. I think KG is talked about being MVP. Charles, you are wrong. Kobe’s the best choice for MVP!

MJ HURTS JALEN Today I heard that MJ knocked Jalen Rose’s tooth out last night when they faced each other. The Wizards won that game. I think that he knocked his tooth out because both teams are playing very physical at this point in the season. I learned that MJ elbowed Jalen and that’s why … Read more

JAZZ and NETS in a close game at the end Just a while ago the Jazz and the Nets were up against each other in Utah. The score was 90 to 89. It was a Jazz ball and Andrei Kirilenko tipped it in at the buzzer. The final score was the Jazz 91 and the … Read more

MAGIC GET ANOTHER NEW PLAYER Today for the first time Chris Whitney was playing for the Magic as they faced the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had 2 points and is number 12 on the Magic. I think Chris Whitney will help them a lot with 3 pointers just like Gordon Giricek.

New Cavs jerseys next year In the 2004-2005 NBA season the Cavs are going to have gold and some other color. This is going back to the Cavs old jerseys from maybe 1972.

Who’s Defensive Player of the Year? I think this year’s Defensive Player of the Year might be Kenyon Martin of the New Jersey Nets because he blocks shots, rips down boards and plays hard on D. If it’s not Kmart then it might be Keon Clark of the Sacramento Kings because he plays really good … Read more

PATRICK’S FINAL GO IN MSG Just a few minutes ago Patrick Ewing’s number 33 was sent to the racks. Patrick also got an H2 Hummer from the Knicks and a sculpture of himself and a picture collage. He was very emotional and was about to cry but held himself back. MJ thought he would cry … Read more

PATRICK’S BIG NIGHT Tonight Patrick Ewing’s number 33 is going to be retired at the Garden during the half time game between the Knicks and the red hot Magic. I think that Patrick really deserves his number being retired because he played so hard and great in New York. Plus he was very aggressve and … Read more