Sunday, February 07, 2016

Magic Squeak Past Hawks

The Magic squeaked past the Hawks 96-94, thanks to a game winner by Nikola Vucevic.

Check out the game winner:

Tough shot from Vucevic! Falling away, with Al Horford all over him, but he still canned it. The Magic were in command throughout this game, the Hawks had another flat start (which seems to be common for them). Nikola Vucevic was the main catalyst in the second half. Vucevic was playing both ends brilliantly and showing how versatile he is.

Elfrid Payton made most of his offensive contributions in the forth quarter, which was also crucial. Payton started hitting outside shots, a part of his game that still needs work. Most players go under the screens and dare him to shot. Payton needs to watch the film from this game, focusing on how he took advantage of what the defense gave him. Force guys to fight over screens, stay with you and then Elfrid Payton could easily get into the paint or create a shot for a teammate.

The Hawks needs to come out aggressive when they play the Magic again tomorrow. The game's in Atlanta and the Hawks need to make a statement. Tell the Magic that they will not break your hearts again and prove to them that you're the premiere club you are Hawks!

Great way to end the week if you're the Magic! Put a spell on them again tomorrow, Orlando!