Monday, January 25, 2016

Salah Mejri Does the Intangibles

foto original @APazosL
Salah Mejri is a Tunisian baller playing for the Dallas Mavericks. Salah Mejri got the start last night for the Mavs with Zaza Pachulia sitting out. Salah Mejri played a real solid game, both statistically and by way of his activity level. Salah Mejri grabbed one more offensive rebound than defensive, got under the skin of the Rockets and showed that he deserves a spot in the rotation. Despite the Mavs 115-104 loss, Rick Carlisle certainly got a chance to see Salah Mejri in action.

Activity on the offensive glass is almost as rare as post up players are in todays NBA. Salah Mejri is old school in that way, he hits the offensive boards hard and consistently. Occasionally he'll even pickup a lose ball foul trying to fight for position, but it's all within the right frame of mind. Mejri has a knack for tapping the ball out for the Mavs to retrieve it, beating his man for position on the glass and generally being an irritant.

While you never want to play against an irritant like Salah Mejri, the Mavs must be glad to have him on their side. Mejri won't start when Zaza Pachulia is active, but he's a great second option. Energy and activity with the second unit of a team can propel them after a slow start. Sometimes the Mavs come out looking flat and quite old, so Mejri should fit perfectly in a bench role.

Hats off to the Dallas Mavericks for bringing in Salah Mejri, he was a great find. We'll see if the scouting reports on Mejri start to come about, because the Rockets didn't look at all prepared to combat what Mejri brings to the game.

Go Salah Mejri!