Thursday, January 21, 2016

Knicks Beat Jazz in OT

Knicks logo from Michael Tipton
The Knicks survived and thrived to beat the Jazz 118-111 in overtime. This game was great and close throughout the second half. The Knicks didn't come out super strong, but they finished with a flurry. The Jazz played a spirited game, but just didn't have enough offensive firepower down the stretch.

The Knicks prevailed and derailed the Jazz because the Knicks had a more balanced scoring attack, and Carmelo Anthony moved the ball and played brilliantly in the second half.

Melo really propelled the Knicks in this game. His dishing and swishing was pivotal, but, more importantly, Melo trusted his teammates. Melo doesn't make the Knicks offense become stagnant near as often as he used to. Melo is buying into the Knicks system and it's paying off.

Not only are the Knicks are a more cohesive unit on the floor, but the body language and off the court moods seem much better. Winning certainly helps that, but also give the Knicks front office credit for putting some more talent around Melo. The Knicks are on a path to continual improvement.

The Jazz really gave the Knicks defense problems. Rodney Hood went off for 29 points on 11-21 from the field and he gave the Knicks fits all night. Hood is certainly a swingman to watch. Rodney Hood is left handed, can shoot the ball and is an efficient offensive player.

One big point of emphasis for the Knicks should be perimeter defense. Langston Galloway gets into guys and plays tight perimeter D (at times), but most of the Knicks are hit and miss on patrolling the outside. If the Knicks wanna go further, they need to contain shooters, get their hands up more and pressure the ball more aggressively.

The Jazz weren't able to groove their way to a win, but hats off to them for playing the Knicks tight. Solid win Knicks, solid.