Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gerald Green: Great Pickup For The Heat

Gerald Green recently signed a one year deal with the Miami Heat. Gerald Green's an awesome pickup. Gerald Green provides depth behind Dwyane Wade, athleticism and timely offense.

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The Miami Heat needed another spark plug in their rotation. Gerald Green is that energizer. Gerald Green is known for his dunks, but Gerald Green showed in Phoenix that he's a legit player. Gerald Green is scrappy, a player who will go for 50 50 balls and make things happen that aren't always statistically accounted for.

Pat Riley knows exactly how Gerald Green fits the Heat. When the dog days of February in the NBA roll around and DWade is feeling a little sluggish, insert Gerald Green. The Heat can even go small and play Gerald Green at the three (small forward) or four (power forward) positions.

Having the luxury to bring
in a lineup of Dragic, Wade, Gerald Green, Bosh and Whiteside is huge. If the Miami Heat are healthy, they will make the playoffs. Yes, that's an NBA prediction in the middle of July.

Gerald Green will make the Heat more dynamic. Highlight dunks, defensive intensity and overall energy is what Gerald Green brings. Clap Miami Heat fans, Gerald Green's taking his talents to South Beach!