Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stanley Johnson: Lottery Pick? How Can He Improve?

By TonyTheTiger (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Stanley Johnson is an intriguing part of the 2015 NBA Draft class. Stanley Johnson had a great year at Arizona, but is he a lottery pick? How can he prepare for his rookie year?

If you've seen Stanley Johnson play (peep some highlights here), the clear answer is yes! Stanley Johnson has an NBA body, is as athletic as a panther and will make contributions in his first year. Stanley Johnson showed all of this at Arizona.

With his talent level, there's little doubt Stanley Johnson will go in the lottery. Stanley Johnson would fit well with the Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade would help mold him into the starting swing-man he's poised to be. Another solid fit would be the New York Knicks. Stanley Johnson would thrive under the bright lights, though Tim Hardaway Jr. might protest to such a pick!

How can Stanley Johnson get better? Working tirelessly on his mid and long range jumpers, paying attention to his nutrition and becoming a more vocal leader.

Stanley Johnson has a solid all around game, yet his jumper needs to be more consistent. Stanley Johnson is a renaissance man on the court, providing on both ends, but the NBA's a make or miss league. If the jumpers don't go down, that's the difference between a W and an L. So players must knock down three's at a decent clip and the best players have mid-range jumpers too.

Stanley Johnson has the potential to be one of the best, so his accuracy must go up. While Stanley Johnson shot about 37% at Arizona, in the NBA he'll need to identify his sweet spots and shot 40 plus percent if being a superstar is the goal.

Nutrition, the fountain of youth that most NBA players forget about. Stanley Johnson needs to eat healthfully and live an overall health promoting lifestyle. After Stanley Johnson works out, remember that Supps R Us offers different varieties of protein shakes. Eating simply, promoting more whole foods, in addition to getting the essential amino acids, will allow Stanley Johnson to thrive and build muscle.

Vocal leading is what separates the okay from the great. When rookies come into the league, much like when someone begins to workout at the gym, they look to fit in. After fitting in with your teammates and getting ripped with your gym buddies, expressing yourself strongly and clearly becomes paramount.

Stanley Johnson is only 19 years old. It will take him some time before he's ready to bark out orders to a veteran like Matt Barnes, for example. Give Stanley Johnson time and he'll find his do it now voice.

Overall, Stanley Johnson is an exciting prospect. Will it translate to NBA success? Only time will tell. Sure hope it does.

Good luck Stanley Johnson!