Monday, June 15, 2015

Lance Stephenson Traded to Clippers

Mark Runyon |
Lance Stephenson has been traded to the Clippers for Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes, per Adrian Wojnarowski. Can Lance Stephenson be the same player he was with the Indiana Pacers? That's the big question here.

Considering that Lance Stephenson's only 24 years old, there's potential upside here. Sure, Lance Stephenson didn't have an awesome year statistically with Charlotte, but Doc Rivers works wonders. Overall, this move, while a
hefty investment, could be amazing for LAC.

When Lance Stephenson gets around hard working, vocal teammates like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, that'll have a huge impact. Doc Rivers maximizes players potential. It's easy for players to pick up their play if the competition in practice is fierce. Chris Paul will practice hard and that will be contagious for Lance Stephenson.

Mark Runyon |
Giving up Hawes and Barnes is really nothing. This is a salary dump, Barnes will go elsewhere in free agency. So, giving up two non-impact players for a guy who could (repeat could!) be an integral piece is tremendous.

Come on Lance Stephenson! Could it be time for the Clippers to shine next year, fueled by Lance Stephenson?