Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alvin Gentry Agrees to Coach the Pelicans

By US Dept. of Defense [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Alvin Gentry has agreed to coach the New Orleans Pelicans. Not a bad move, Alvin Gentry is a great coach who fueled the Phoenix Suns back when they played a run and gun style.

Is Alvin Gentry an improvement over Monty Williams (who was fired earlier this month)? Alvin Gentry is only better IF the Pelicans can build a run and gun style team. With Anthony Davis as the leader of the squad, does it make any sense to have a run and gun offense? Nope!

Anthony Davis is mobile for his size and gets up and down the court well, but you want to feed him in the post. Not just a little post action, but lots! It's tough to take the ball out of the basket and feed the post, make a move and score early in the shot clock. It can be done, but not consistently and it'd be even harder in the playoffs.

Monty Williams actually played in the NBA. Not with just one team, but with different teams, employing different styles. Monty Williams allowed the Pelicans to maximize the low amount of talent that they have surrounding Anthony Davis.

Alvin Gentry can coach, I'm not trying to knock him. Bottom line: Alvin Gentry will not get the Pelicans much further if the current roster stays in tact. The sole way to make improvements (major improvements, not just better execution from working hard in the summer) is for them to put pieces around Anthony Davis.

Alvin Gentry may be a piece to the puzzle, but the puzzle can't be complete without it's complementary pieces. Get to work, Pelicans front office and Alvin Gentry!