Saturday, April 18, 2015

Otto Porter the X-Factor for the Washington Wizards

Photo by Ned Dishman / contributor
Otto Porter proved he's the Washington Wizards X-factor in game one. His back-taps, overall aggressiveness and timely offense were key in the Wizards win. Porter is a guy who's contributions aren't going to overwhelm you statistically, but he makes his presence felt.

Back-taps! Otto Porter had at least three back-taps in the second half. That allowed the Wizards to win the offensive rebounding battle 19 to 10 and scoop in 20 second chance points. While Porter didn't corral more than two offensive boards, he was THE benefactor in creating more second chance opportunities.

If Otto Porter can get easy looks, that's a huge plus for the Wizards. He's not a guy who creates his own shot, so he must feed off of penetration from guys like John Wall and Bradley Beal. When Porter gets a few shots to go down (he only had two in game one), that only increases his defensive attentiveness and confidence.

Otto Porter made a solid playoff debut. Can he keep it up? That will determine how far the Wizards can go (assuming core guys like Wall, Beal and Nene perform and the general health and performance of the squad). Keep hoopin' and scoopin' Otto Porter!