Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chicago Could Land the Next Big 3

Since the “Big 3” of Boston made the Celtics instant contenders, every city seems to be looking for the next trio of all-stars to take them to the NBA Finals. And according to rumors around the league, it looks like the Bulls could put together the next Big 3 as soon as next year. With plenty left to happen in the NBA between the end of this season and the beginning of the next one, there is no certainty that Chicago can woo the likes of Carmelo Anthony, but they are certainly trying and the move could make perfect sense.

Potential Bulls Big 3

The whole idea behind making moves for the New York Knicks’ star, is to pair him with Chicago’s current stars — Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. So far this season, Noah has been one of the most impressive big men in the NBA. Some experts are even calling him the best. What we know for sure is that Noah is the best perimeter-defending center. He always plays with great passion. For the potential Big 3 in Chicago, Noah would be the emotional leader, and the big man to match what was Boston’s Kevin Garnett and what is Miami’s Chris Bosh.

As for Rose, the trio of all stars would only be a trio if Rose can come back healthy and still be close to the superstar that he was when he won the MVP trophy. But, with back-to-back major knee injuries, we won’t know how good Rose will be until he starts playing again. The explosive point guard would be the biggest question mark for the new Bulls squad. The uncertainty around his ability to come back strong may prove to be too big of a gamble for Anthony to pledge his future to Chicago.

The biggest moving part in Chicago’s quest to obtain a Big 3 is Anthony. Should they entice him to Chicago, the Bulls would be getting a proven star and one of the NBA’s best scorers. Although he is often accompanied by criticisms that he is a selfish player and doesn’t play defense, Anthony would definitely become an offensive threat that the Bulls desperately need. And with Chicago’s great defense that seems to almost put security gates around their basket. Anthony’s lack of defensive effort may be compensated for by the rest of the squad.

What Needs to Happen

In order to get Anthony to Chicago, a host of actions need to be taken. First of all, Anthony would have to leave money on the table. He could make approximately $33 million more in free agency if he stays with the Knicks instead of going to another team. Additionally, Chicago would have to persuade Anthony away from the bright lights of Los Angeles should he choose to leave New York. If all of that happens, then the Bulls would have to make room for the max-level contract that Anthony would want. To do so, the Bulls could amnesty Carlos Boozer to save $16.8 million, and let Kirk Hinrich leave in free agency to clear up some cap room. The Bulls may also be forced to lose another piece should Anthony join the team, meaning that a player like Taj Gibson could very well be living in a city other than Chicago next year. The move for Anthony would come at a great price, but if it makes the Bulls legitimate title contender to match the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, how do you say no to that?