Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who's Houston's X-Factor?

Francisco Garcia after hitting a triple. Photo courtesy Bob Levey/Getty Images
The Houston Rockets are contenders in the Western conference. Having added a few pieces to the puzzle this summer, the question of who'll do the little things comes up.

Who will dive for loose balls? Who will hit big threes? Who will take the ball and finish on offense?

That guy is Francisco Garcia. Francisco Garcia is the x-factor for the Houston Rockets this year.

Francisco Garcia knows his role, executes it to the best of his abilities, all the while coming off the bench. Garcia's strength is hitting the three ball.

From anywhere on the floor, despite strong close outs, whatever challenge arises, Francisco Garcia consistently shoots at a high percentage.

In addition to threes, Francisco Garcia is pesky on defense. He scraps, searches and conquers on both ends of the floor.

It won't be surprising to see a strong outing from Garcia correlate to a W for the Rockets.

Francisco Garcia is ready to shoot, steal and scrap his way into the Houston Rockets rotation this year. Francisco Garcia clearly is the x-factor.