Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hoops Book Review

Hoops by Walter Dean Myers keeps your head spinning. The story focuses on a 17 year old named Lonnie. Lonnie can hoop and he gets involved in a tournament that could have him seen by college scouts.

Lonnie and his friends live in a tough part of town. Life isn't easy, with crime and alcohol ruining lives. Lonnie and his close friends are trying to make it in life.

This story is riveting and the simplicity with which is written makes it universally understandable. Just about anyone with a basic vocabulary, rudimentary basketball knowledge and the willingness to read can get into this. Makes sense that it was voted an ALA Best Book for Young Adults!

Hoops sheds light on the business of basketball that isn't pretty. Not everyone is recruited heavily throughout their childhood and pampered on their way to becoming millionaires. To get an idea of how tough it can be to rise about your upbringing, Hoops has you covered.

Betting comes to the forefront too. It's unfortunate how that can affect the game we all know and love, but it's a reality. Maybe one day this won't be the case.

Hoops is real cool. Start reading it, it won't take you long and you'll dig it. Hoops is available on Amazon (no affiliate link here!).