Sunday, August 11, 2013

80/20 Scorer DVD Review

Coach Koran Godwin's 80/20 Scorer DVD is a surefire way to become a better basketball player. This three disc DVD set breaks down all sorts of aspects of the game: the mental side, the physical side and on and on.

Coach Koran Godwin is an accomplished ball player. He is the leading scorer at the University of North Florida (if his ankles didn't give him problems, he probably could have been in the NBA). Now he teaches you how to become a better ball player on his website Jump Start Hoops.

The emphasis Coach Godwin puts on the mental aspect is spot on. Many DVD's and the NBA itself shed the light on the glitz and glamour of the game; the dunks and the crossovers. This DVD is about becoming an unstoppable player and in order to translate anything into results on the floor, your mind has to be in the right place.

In addition to having the philosophy, he gives you specific strategies and anecdotes from his own experience to illustrate why what he says matters. His concept of peak state is cool, his passion for the game is clear in his tone and he talks about practice like AI should've!

Coach Godwin's thoughts on negativity standout. This is a huge element to the mental side of the game. While positivity may not show up on the stat sheet, Coach Godwin highlights its importance and gives you tips on how to stay positive.

The way the DVD is divided makes sense. With each move or drill, there's always detailed examples given. Coach Godwin's pace is steady and he keeps the intensity high. Everything's comprehensive in this set, but the warmup drills were particularly awesome. Coach Godwin's knowledge on footwork was also terrific.

After showing a series of different moves and drills and subtle variations you can add to them, Coach Godwin brings them all together nicely. He gets it that while you can practice different moves on your own, you need to practice putting as many different variations of those moves together.

Where could the DVD be better? The audio could be a little louder. Listening on my laptop, I put in headphones so the audio was crystal clear. If you're watching from a desktop computer or TV, you'll probably be fine. Coach Godwin's points about diet were in the right direction, but he wasn't real objective about what he recommended.

The 80/20 Scorer is an indispensable part to any basketball players training arsenal. The mental aspect is covered in such detail that that alone is worth it! Coach Godwin is dialed in and he answers the phone with this DVD. He's got a great book too, Everybody Hates a Ball Hog But They All Love a Scorer, and that's been reviewed on NBAtipoff. Make sure to check out Coach Godwin's work and start improving your game today! 


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