Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dream Team Book Review

Dream Team by Jack McCallum is fabulous. Jack McCallum nailed this one. If you don't know diddly squat about the Dream Team, this is how you can become a buff on what happened in Barcelona. Since I wasn't even born yet when these games took place, I know I came away from reading the book much more knowledgeable.

The book tells you about much more than the ride the US ride to gold. Dream Team takes you behind the scenes and explains the implications of how this team came to be. It provides detailed profiles of each player, his quirks and his role on the squad.

The greatest game nobody ever saw is an example of something explained in the book. It was a scrimmage between the best to ever do it. Jack details each part of this game.

Jack McCallum was the perfect guy to write this book. He was there, through thick and thin throughout the Olympics. Covering the NBA for SI, he knew what was going on then and recounts it effortlessly now.

If you love basketball, you'll love this book. Get a copy, or check it out at a local library. You'll come away from reading it enthralled, educated in many angles of what happened a little over twenty years ago and craving more!

Dream Team gets five out of five basketballs!


Sam Konolige said...

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