Friday, February 22, 2013

Kobe or Lebron?... Or Jordan?

Kobe or LeBron?... Or Jordan?
The question that will be asked for the ages...
Or at least until Gilbert Arenas becomes the greatest NBA player of all time (Go Wizards!).
But we have to look at the stats, and I will admit that LeBron James is a better all around player than Kobe, but there is a difference between the greatest all around player ever and the greatest player ever. Which also applies to scoring in Kobe's case and the case of other guys like Wilt Chamberlain.
Now lets take a look!
Final Thoughts:
LeBron may be the best player in the game today, but like I stated in the video he has not yet reached the accolades that Kobe has. He may in the future, but we cannot base our judgements on what we think that LeBron COULD do in the future or how many rings he MIGHT win.