Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jerry Buss Tribute

Jerry Buss holding the 1980 Finals trophy. Via The Hollywood Reporter
Jerry Buss was the great Lakers owner who just passed at 80. Buss had and will be remembered for having a great spirit and desire to win. He led the Lakers from 1979 until his passing in February 2013. During that time, the Lakers continued to build and become a storied franchise.

Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and Shaq are just three of the incredible players Buss paid big bucks for. In the NBA, there are usually two types of owners: owners that want to win it all and owners simply looking to make some bucks.

What kind of owner was Jerry Buss? Undoubtedly an owner that would pay whatever it took to win. If you love great basketball, you've got to love Jerry Buss simply because of that! Add on to that a great personality, a desire to make the Lakers the topic in LA and the money to do all that and you've got a recipe for success!

Only Jerry Buss knew how to whip up the Lakers as he did. Jerry Buss will be sorely missed in LA and in the NBA. Truly an amazing person who wanted the best for his team. Condolences to the Buss family. Hope all is mighty fine in their world and they're taking their loss well.

Jerry Buss may be gone, but his forum gold and blue blood will be forever a part of the Los Angeles Lakers!