Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Father First- Book Review

Dwyane Wade's A Father First is a great read. Dwyane Wade opens up about his custody battle and divorce and life off the court. It was great to hear from the Dwyane everyone knows and loves off the court, but, in A Father First, the Dwyane few know off the court comes to shine.

Dwyane Wade is a simple man who's got a strong support system, on the court and off. A Father First provides insights into how he does business, how his faith inspires him daily and details his families ups and downs.

What's best about this book? Dwyane Wade told his story and presented his life so you can see the person in him. Forget the awe inspiring alley oops and game winners, Dwyane Wade takes you for a ride down his own street.

As someone who looks up to these ball players, it's great to see that they're people too. A Father First sheds light on the bad days in an NBA superstars life. Don't think NBA superstars have rough days? Read A Father First and tell Dwyane Wade how easy he had it!

Reading about Dwyane's childhood in Chicago was inspiring. Dwyane Wade is a marvel of a success. To go through what he details in A Father First, to then being an Olympic gold medalist and an NBA champion is truly remarkable. Dwyane Wade certainly didn't do it alone though.

Dwyane Wade is a humble individual who knows he can't do it all. That's evident in A Father First. Wade acknowledges his friends, his family, his business partners, his whole crew. To be so young and so on top of things really is a wonder. Dwyane Wade has his life in order and it was a pleasure to see not only it be about him in his own book, but to hear about Lisa Joseph and other members of TEAM NO SLEEP!, as Dwyane calls them.

Say what you want about the Miami big three and the competitive balance of the NBA, but don't question Dwyane's business know how. He's got the right people behind him and it beams through in this great piece of literature.

This book is especially great for families. Dwyane's talk about forgiveness is particularly admirable. Read this book if you want to become closer as a family, learn from a great role model in Dwyane Wade and of course if you looove basketball!

A Father First resonates highly with me. Pickup a copy and comment below about what you think about it. A Father First gets four out of five basketballs!