Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video: Jeremy Evans Shows His Athleticism

Jeremy Evans is an athletic freak. Jeremy Evans has a tendency to block, dunk and run the floor better than your average baller. That tendency was in full effect on this play:

Wow! Can you say highlight package? Jeremy Evans made an awesome couple of plays there. Love the reaction from his Jazz comrades! Keep playing like this Jeremy Evans!

(via TBJ)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NBA Season Is Upon Us!

NBA season is getting closer. Can you feel the excitement? The fans ooing and ahhing at the video game-like plays? The banter of homer announcers on league pass? The end of game desperation shots that fall?

The energy is flowing and the NBA season is going to be awesome for sure. The story-lines are everywhere, the teams have a full season this year and everyone is looking to improve. Is there any one story that shines over the others? It's impossible to pick one single element and say it's going to be more intriguing than another.

The revamped Lakers, the even deeper Heat, the new look Brooklyn Nets, that's only a tenth of the league folks! It'd be easy to write an entire few weeks of posts solely on a tenth of the league. That's how many nuances there are to each team. In Boston you have one philosophy that has dramatic implications on the game and in Minnesota the mood of one player can result in a shift too.

Some players I'm pulling for this season include Brandon Roy, Jeremy Lin and Jeff Green. Brandon Roy has faced a bunch of knee injuries and he's ready to give basketball another go with the Minnesota Timberwolves. If he shows he's got something left in the tank, he can be an inspiration to others who deal with similar problems, or just many hurdles in general. Pulling for people who are trying to perform despite immense challenges is heart warming.

Jeremy Lin has a lot on his shoulders. The media attention just seems like it would weigh on a young man! That's why Jeremy Lin has got my best wishes. Jeremy Lin needs to clear his mind of all other parts of life and prepare to get out and play well. With all the attention around him, that's no easy task. Surely heading to Houston, a smaller market, may help some. Despite that change in scenery, the Jeremy Lin name is worldwide and if he still remains effective in the NBA, it will be a true sign of mental stamina.

A lot of talk is centered around the physical prowess of professional athletes, but what's often forgotten is the mental fortitude required to be elite physically. Jeremy Lin needs to stay strong mentally, not forget where he's come from, but not limit how far he can go. While it won't be easy, it sure sounds invigorating!

Jeff Green's story is in the same vaine as Brandon Roy's. After having heart surgery, returning to the court to play basketball is a major step. Jeff Green looks great in preseason and is poised to play a role for the Celtics. He's a great fit for the Celtics too. Athletic, team oriented and a guy who plays both ends. Best wishes to Jeff Green!

The NBA season is always something to cherish, embrace and make the most of. What aspects of the coming season intrigue you the most?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Josh Smith's Simple Approach

Josh Smith is a simple man. He enjoys the simple nuances of life. Josh Smith flys for highlight dunks, soars over all other for blocks, but overall wants to keep it simple.

Why does this matter? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a story (which I found on RealGM) on the Hawks new team focused offense. With the departure of Joe Johnson, the team can focus on running the offense through multiple players. When asked about the new philosophy, Josh Smith summed it up amazingly,

“Sometimes simple is better. Sometimes I’d rather have a pizza than a Kobe steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. Sometimes you want to keep it simple where guys can get the hang of it and understand it.”

Yes Josh. That's exactly how I would sum it up! A super simple meal is pizza. Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, that's way too complex! Dinner choices and basketball, all in one awesome quote. Hope the move away from isolation basketball suites you well, Josh Smith!