Friday, May 18, 2012

Pau Gasol Wins Citzenship Award

Pau Gasol enjoying some time with a young kid. (via OC Register)
Pau Gasol has won the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. Pau Gasol is a great guy both on and off the court and this is another meaningful accomplishment for his resume. Maybe getting this award will get Pau Gasol more motivated on the floor. That will give the Lakers a much needed lift and help Laker fans who are into sports betting!

What work in the community did Pau Gasol do to get the award? Pau Gasol's been a UNICEF ambassador for seven years, and regularly makes trips to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (when Pau Gasol played in Memphis, he regularly visited a local hospital too).

It's great to see NBA stars like Pau Gasol take time to make a difference. Whether he got the award or not, Pau Gasol's track record says he'd probably continue giving his time. The people who want to serve and help, without asking or having anything else given to them are the people who can help spur change on this planet. Pau Gasol is a cool dude who fits this bill.

We need more guys like Pau Gasol out in the community! Come on NBA players, fans, and everyone else out there! Be active in service in areas you care about. Don't worry about awards, additional compensation or any of that, worry about helping others!

Pau Gasol's community service is an inspiration. The demeanor Pau Gasol has got on and off the court is amazing. Two thumbs up, a pat on the back and a hat tip go out to the Spanish center! Keep it up Pau Gasol!