Saturday, April 28, 2012

Derrick Rose's Season's Over: Wishful Thinking

Derrick Rose played a majority of game one against the Sixers before leaving with an injured left knee. After tests have been done, the Bulls went to Twitter to confirm that Derrick Rose has torn his ACL and he'll miss the rest of the season. Yes, it's unfortunate. Derrick Rose is awesome, the Bulls are excellent at full strength and the playoffs will now miss what would've been a defining star. While extenuating the negatives here is easy, why not talk about what positives can come out of this?

Derrick Rose can grow as a person. Time off, rehabilitation and the more he looks at his past will allow him time to work on other parts of himself. You may ask, why does that matter to me the basketball fan? It doesn't directly impact the Derrick Rose we know and love on the basketball court, but these professional athletes take away a lot from life and put that time into this game. Derrick Rose is a 23 year old who probably doesn't fully know himself. Let's hope Derrick Rose will use all this personal time wisely!

Derrick Rose's humility can increase. Derrick Rose lives an amazing life. He's a millionaire, a basketball star and someone who has things many people would covet. While Derrick Rose is a great kid and someone who isn't just taking what's being given to him for granted, there's no reason to say anyone couldn't be more thankful. Derrick Rose was banged up throughout this 2011-12 season, but this extended time off can help him embrace the journey. There are days when there's conflict, games where the team may get blown out and injuries that really hurt! The down moments are where a person is truly defined. Derrick Rose is a winner on the floor, but it's time for him to win the battle with his torn ACL (which will be a battle on and off the court).

Derrick Rose can become more knowledgeable on basketball. Derrick Rose loves this game. It's clear from the way he plays, responds to his own heroics and body language. For now, his role is changing. Rather than being a general on the court, he's got to be a masterful observer. Derrick Rose needs to sit there, watch his team and other teams play and take new information in from that. What nuances can Derrick Rose add to his game? What X's and O's can Derrick Rose use more to his advantage? These are the questions Derrick Rose can provide more answers to during his rehab.

Derrick Rose can comeback strong from this. Derrick Rose is a damn hard worker and that will take him somewhere. How will Derrick Rose respond from this? We'll have to wait a while for this rose to blossom, but I'm confident the conditions will allow for Derrick Rose to shine again.