Thursday, March 08, 2012

Nike+ Sneakers: 5 Things You Should Know

We've all heard of smartphones but what about smart sneakers?  That is the premise behind Nike's most talked about upcoming line of sneakers.  With the June release dates still a while away, now's a swell time to go over what they have to offer.

1. Three different models. So far, Nike has announced three different models for their + line.  They include a basketball sneaker, men's training sneaker called the TR1+, and Hyper Workout+ sneaker for women.

2. Research lab in a shoe. Did you know that many athletes go to a sports lab to measure items like how fast they can run or how high they can jump with computers?  These sneakers actually bypass any huge sports lab by using their built in sensors to send all the same data to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.  The sneakers actually have four built in sensors across the shoe to get accurate readings.

3. Built in workouts. Ever wanted to train like an NBA star such as LeBron James or world renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao?  Now you can with these shoes.  They can include the same workout routines as these and many other professional athletes.  Outcome not guaranteed.

4. Brag it up. We all know one or two guys who go on and on about how great their stats are.  Now they can prove it by using these sneakers, data, and even the Nike online boards to post their scores.  Whether the results are glowing or humbling, they are sure to put to rest any unnecessary boasting.

5. Results = motivation. Perhaps the best feature of these sneakers, which are speculated to cost over $100 more than your average pair of Nikes, is their ability to motivate.  By showing you what to do and if you are indeed doing the workouts you want to do, it can be hugely motivating to staying with a workout and improving enough to be motivated to do it.

Are you salivating for these shoes now? Or do they sound overrated? Chime in with your thoughts on the Nike+ sneaker series!

Anthony Jones wrote this article and also writes for Sports Management Colleges which helps those looking for a career in professional sports.