Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl's Today, but Basketball's Everyday

Super Bowl Sunday gets tons of hype, especially in the United States. Everyone wants to sit down, eat highly concentrated foods and watch the game. It's enjoyable. There's a bunch of stimulation and information to take in. For me, Super Bowl Sunday is just another reminder to get excited more and more everyday about basketball.

Why would a football game give way to more excitement about basketball? Despite the big hoopla about football, basketball is always #1 for me. Basketball never stops. Whether playing, watching, thinking, writing, or dreaming about the game, it's a constant. There's no need to stop putting intense energy into this art.

For basketball fanatics who love football, enjoy the big game. For people who never savor for other sports, beyond basketball, keep cultivating thoughts and ideas about the game. Go out and work on your own game. Argue with friends about who's the better player, what generation was more skilled and on and on.

Remember basketball never needs to stop. Keep bouncing the ball! Basketball opens doors to constant inspiration, information and transformation. Never allow basketball to stop!