Monday, February 27, 2012

NBA All-Star 2012: Thrilling, Relaxing Break

NBA All-Star 2012 was awesome. Players, fans, media and all had a grand old time. The All-Star game was the culmination of everything last night. While the game is not always the most amazing part of the weekend, this wasn't half bad down the stretch.  The West ended up winning 152-149. They had command of the game throughout and lead by as much as 21.

LeBron James fueled an East comeback and made it entertaining late. He hit a bunch of triples, got hot and repeated that pattern no matter where he was on the floor or who was in his face. LeBron James made a compelling run for the MVP, but the East didn't execute late. Turnovers, a late miss from Deron Williams and a lousy first half derailed them.

Who took home the NBA All-Star MVP then? None other than Kevin Durant! This was his third All-Star game, but his first time being a center of attention and going after the MVP. Kevin Durant finished with 36 points and 7 boards in 37 minutes (great scoring efficiency). Really happy for KD. This will further popularize him and he's a great kid, not to mention a legend in the making. If you don't feel great for KD, you must be a Thunder hater. Even if you are, how can't you love KD? This guy puts in the work, cares about those around him and is money on offense. He's improved every year and his team is stellar. Congrats and more greatness to come I'm sure, KD!

The All-Star experience was indescribable. So many great sights, sounds and people surrounded it. Truly a dream come true. This is something I hope to make an annual event. You, my readers, will get inside looks each year at All-Star. Houston is where this amazing weekend takes place next year (see you there)!

Hats off to first time All-Stars Marc Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook, and Luol Deng. You guys are legit, awesome, youthful and have more heights you can reach. Keep climbing and never look down!

NBA All-Star 2012 was a success. All-Star Saturday Night could've been better, the first half of the All-Star game could've been more competitive and events should be free! While those complaints are likely widely held, I wouldn't have wanted this weekend to turn out any other way! Thanks again to my readers for donating to get me there! Everything happens for a reason and if you're conscious, you'll see this happens more than you may imagine. NBA All-Star 2012, it was thrilling! Can't wait to do it again!

What were your impressions of NBA All-Star weekend 2012?