Saturday, January 14, 2012

Steve Blake Out 3-4 Weeks

Steve Blake has a costochaondral fracture (fracture of the cartilage that connects the rib to the sternum) and he'll miss three to four weeks. This is a tough blow to the Lakers bench and flow. Blake was shooting decently this season, about 51% eFG and the Lakers are already weak at the point. How will the Lakers rotation change without Blake?

Derek Fisher and rookie Andrew Goudelock need to fill the 24 and a half minutes a game Blake was averaging. Fisher is a 37 year old vet, who's pushing it as is. Goudelock is a shooter who wants more minutes. Goudelock has talent, now he'll get a shot at creeping into the rotation. It's put up or shut up time for Goudelock!

Fisher may need to play a little more while Blake recovers. This will test his conditioning and stamina. Guarding quick guards is always a problem for Fish, hopefully increased offense (more three's) can help compensate. Kobe Bryant may take on more ball handling responsibilities. Can't help his injured wrist, but without a true backup PG (Goudelock seems like a two, or a scoring PG), it'll be necessary.

The flow of the Lakers rotation really takes a hit. Blake was coming in, hitting outside shots and moving the ball around. If Blake loses the rhythm he had going, that will compound the time without him, it'll be as if he still wasn't playing! Don't know how he can deal with this injury, but hopefully he can still workout some.

Can the Lakers manage this time without Blake effectively? How crucial is it that Blake returns with the same rhythm he's had this season?