Monday, January 09, 2012

NBA Games To Watch, Week 3

The great season keeps on rolling. This week's NBA games aren't as exciting but there will be something worth looking at undoubtedly. Here's a list of games to watch each day, all times are eastern.

Monday at 7pm, the Pacers and Sixers square off. Two nice young teams, both need to prove themselves. Indiana should try and win big in this game, show they are true contenders. Philly will look to battle and keep it as close as they can, hoping to win in the end.

Tuesday at 10pm, CP3 and the Clippers will face Lamarcus Aldridge's Blazers. Portland has been the surprise team so far. Can they sustain it? Their talent level and resilience suggest so. The Clippers have a terrible coach but great talent and that will keep them close in this game.

Wednesday at 8pm, the Mavs battle the Celtics. Dallas really needs to play well. It's been tough for them early on but maybe visiting President Obama will give them a spark. Jason Kidd's injury can't help though. Boston looks like a better team going into the game. Rondo's aggression coupled with  terrific bench play have fueled the C's. This should be a close grind it out game.

Thursday at 10:30pm, Golden State looks to dismantle the Magic. The Magic have looked almost unwatchable but playing against Golden State might open their offense. Golden State has been decent under Mark Jackson but they haven't proved anything yet. This game is all about which team can find any consistency. Do that and you win the game.

Friday at 8pm, Chicago tangles with the Celtics. This game will be fun. Rondo vs. Rose will really test both PGs. The play of Rondo and Rose will dictate who wins the game. Other matchups like Deng and Pierce will be key but the guards set the tone. If Chicago can run the ball it's highly likely they'll be victorious. The Celtics should look to keep the game at a half court pace.

Saturday at 10:30pm, it's a battle for Los Angeles; the Clippers play the Lakers. Which LA team is better? They played in the preseason but it didn't matter. The Lakers have been nice so far and the Clippers are looking to find their continuity. What decides this game? The role players, the guys that aren't expected to have big games, will make the difference.

Sunday at 9pm, the Suns look to blaze the Spurs. This game won't be that great but there's only three games on! Anyway, Steve Nash vs. Tony Parker is always fun. Should be a close game due to the Spurs being Manu-less. Point guard battle decides the game.

Watch NBA basketball this week!