Monday, January 09, 2012

Jerry Sloan Open to Coaching Return?

Jerry Sloan has had a change of heart on new coaching offers. Per's Sam Amick, Sloan says he's not sure what the right situation is, nor is he sure how he'd respond to offers. Sloan has gotten to relax during his time off, working out and spending time with his family. Now that he's done that, he feels revitalized and not so closed to new opportunities.

The article mentioned a chance for him to lead the Kings. The Kings have Keith Smart leading the helm, but there's a team option for next season. That's still a possibility, after this season. Sloan would be a nice fit in Sacramento. He could straighten DeMarcus Cousins out and his discipline is perfect for a young team. We'll wait to see if that could become a reality this summer.

In the meantime, will teams come calling now? The Knicks and Wizards are two teams that could have coaching vacancy's soon. Teams would be wise to touch base with Sloan, see how he feels about the particular teams situation. Based on what he's said, it's tough to say how he'd feel about anything. Just cause he's not saying he won't coach doesn't mean he will!

Who knows? Time will tell if Sloan will return to the bench. I sure hope he does. Seeing him build a young team into a winner would be fun. Hearing Sloan do interviews would be awesome. Teams that will build the right teams for Sloan would be great. Sloan is a winner and he creates the culture of a winning organization. When the time is right, Sloan should return.

Should Jerry Sloan return? What team would be a nice fit for him?