Friday, December 30, 2011

Suns Sign Michael Redd

The Phoenix Suns have signed Michael Redd to a one year, $1.3 million deal. They're giving him the veterans minimum and a chance to revive his career. This is a great signing, it's low risk, with the potential of being high reward.

The Suns training staff has long been praised for keeping guys healthy. Grant Hill, Steve Nash, Shaq (for a time) are just a couple of the guys who've benefited from their treatment. The thinking from the Suns here is that if these guys can get healthy with us, why can't Redd?

Michael has played 61 games since the 08-09 season. Left knee problems have thwarted his attempts at getting on the floor. Frankly, when he's been on the floor the last two seasons in particular, he's really not been a factor. It's been sad to see a guy play and not be able to perform. Redd is a sharpshooter, a scorer and an all around solid player. Not to mention he's seems great off the court.

Seeing Michael get a chance to get out on the floor and reprove himself is awesome. If he takes time seriously, he'll get to playing as soon as he can. Who knows, maybe the Suns have got themselves another gem here? Time will tell.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Is Mark Jackson's Appeal Similar to Doc Rivers?

Mark Jackson has gotten the Golden State Warriors off to a 2-1 start. He's talked about how he's changed (and is changing) the culture in Oakland. The Warriors are putting more effort into defense and that's a start. While they don't have a strong frontline, they are collectively trying to protect their basket.

Jackson, a former player and broadcaster, doesn't seem like an X's and O's guy. He's an emotional leader who appeals by communicating to his team as if he was still playing. Players love and respond to that approach. If Jackson's name wasn't mentioned, couldn't I be talking about Celtics Coach Doc Rivers?

Rivers has been praised from all of his players. Shaq spoke highly of him in his retirement press conference. Rivers is tremendous in reaching out because he's been there before. That's why he knows what to say and he knows what guys are thinking.

Mark Jackson has the potential to be the same way. Jackson's not near as experienced as Rivers, this is only his first coaching gig. Nevertheless, his appeal is spot on with Doc's. If Jackson can learn the schemes and continually strengthen his emotional call to his guys, he'll have a fabulous coaching career.

It's unlikely that Jackson could come close to Doc's level. Inching close would be more than he could ask for. Still, he can take a lot from what Rivers has achieved. Rivers always has a staff that supports what aren't his strong suits. Jackson has followed suit with that and he feels his staff is the best in basketball.

Having Jackson away from the mic on ABC and on the bench is a win for all. Fans don't need to hear him attempt to commentate, players can take in the gameplan and nobody gets hurt! Seriously, Jackson can do great things in Golden State. Doc Rivers should be a model for what he does. Appeal to the players from your own experience and then insert the tactical strategies for success. Good luck to Coach Jackson in navigating through your first season!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Video: Amazing LeBron Block on Derrick Brown



My Early Impressions of the Lakers

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) 
The Lakers are three games into this young season. How do they look? I'll discuss that in the following points:

  • Defense is better. The Lakers are rotating well, not letting teams have their way down low and their effort is nice defensively. Feels as if there's more of a focus on having a defensive system. Guys have an idea of what's coming from the opponent and they're responding to what's happening.
  • Role players are rolling! Steve Blake has been shooting the ball much better, Josh McRoberts is playing his part on both ends and it's really not just the stars being productive. This is going to be necessary, especially during the shortened season. The more guys like Troy Murphy, Derek Fisher and Devin Ebanks do well out on the floor, the more Kobe and Pau can ease up.
  • Metta World Peace is staying within his limits. Metta hasn't chucked up the worst shots you could imagine (which has plagued him in the past). He's getting down in the post more, shooting from the outside less and trying on D. That's the World Peace everyone should want to see. He needs to take outside shots, but only a few a game. No need to fill a role that the Lakers have set out for other players (Kapono, Blake, etc.).
  • It's easy to forget Andrew Bynum's absence. With Bynum being suspended the first four games, only when it's been mentioned have I remembered he wasn't there. This means the Lakers are staying tough down low and aren't sorely lacking a post presence. While LAL will gladly welcome Bynum back, it's great to forget he's away!
  • Kobe, despite what anyone says, is still dynamic. Playing through injuries is his new MO, and he's been doing so admirably. Playing in the back-to-back-to-back, it looked as though he came into form more as the games piled on. Kobe will continue to round into shape and rest up when he gets the chance. I'd like Kobe to stick to his man a wee bit more on defense, but that's a small request from someone who's keeping this team going. Don't discount the teachings Bryant is participating in on and off the court. He's involved with what Coach Brown is having the team execute and that's what makes Bryant tremendous. While many will look at stats, you can't get the full picture of what Bryant is doing for his squad that way.
Chime in with your impressions of the Lakers, or your favorite team, in the comments!


Check out this video sent to me from @movernie! They have a Raptor bias, but it's still about excitement for NBA basketball returning. Love it and keep the excitement around the season flowing!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Video: Games To Watch, Week 1

This video tells ya what games to watch this week! Take a look, subscribe to my channel and follow me on Twitter!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Video: Von Wafer Dunk on Miami Heat

Emphatic dunk here by Von! Gracias, @jose3030!

Video: What Can Teams Learn From The Clippers Moves?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breaking: CP3 Trade To Clippers (Appears) Done!

Reports are coming from ESPN that CP3 will finally be heading to LA. This time with the Clippers.

Details of the deal:

Clippers get: Chris Paul, two future second round picks

Hornets get: Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu and Minnesota's 2012 (unprotected) first round pick.

More on this to come!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Video: Glenn Wilkes Interview

I got the chance to meet former college basketball coach Glenn Wilkes yesterday. It was amazing to meet someone who's done a lot with the game. He was really gracious in letting me into his world and we both helped each other. Hopefully this can be a relationship for years to come. Be sure to look at Glenn's site.

I interviewed Glenn and here's the video:

Friday, December 09, 2011

Video: CP3 Got Traded, Then Didn't

Celtics Deal for Dooling and Bass!

The Celtics have made two trades to acquire quality bench players. In the first deal, the Bucks sent over Keyon Dooling for a second round pick (nothing pretty much). Next, the Magic sent Brandon Bass over for Glen Davis. These are nice moves that won't be talked about enough.

Dooling brings the Celtics what they need off of the bench. Firepower! Dooling is a guy who's streaky, but he can really put the ball in the basket if he gets hot. Shooter and a great one at that. Assuming he'll backup Rondo, this is a great, different look to bring off of the bench. Rondo will rarely look to score, let alone take outside shots, so Dooling can come in and do what Rondo doesn't. This diversifies the C's guard play. Adding tomatoes to the pizza, Dooling seems to have the qualities the Cetics want in the locker room.

Bass is an offense first guy that's gonna help this squad. He hits mid-range J's, can post up and rebound. He's dependable, let's hope he stays healthy and he can play well for Boston. He plays his role, doesn't get in the way too much and that's the type of guy the Celtics want.

There's a problem with this and other recent Celtic moves (i.e. the Perk deal). Defense first guys are being shipped out for guys whose calling cards are offense. While Bass surely isn't dreadful on defense, he is an offense-heavy player. This creates issues for a team that predicates itself on D. With their money mostly tied in who they have currently, barring a trade it's unrealistic to expect the same defense of past years. Either Ainge has got something up his sleeve or people will need to recognize the Celtics need additional offense off the bench. While the defense they play won't be bad by any stretch, the guys they're bringing in simply aren't as strong on D.

These are important moves that bolster the offensive firepower of the Celtic bench. Hopefully this will provide rest for Rondo and Garnett too. If they'll truly be effective, that we'll see!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What's Worth Watching This Season?

The 2011-12 NBA season is upon us! Training camp starts in two days, so does free agency and the whirlwind of news is just beginning. Art tho ready? Here's five storylines worth keeping an eye on.

Mark Jackson, Jerry West and the new construction of the Warriors organization. The Warriors are bringing in people that want to win. No longer is it about staying under the cap, just making a profit or selling off quality players. It's about winning. That's an exciting philosophy, this year we'll see how they put it into action. They already have a solid young core, how will they try and build on that? Tons of trades aren't the answer. The answer lies more heavily in practice, time allowing for improvement and free agency. Guys will be attracted to this type of organization. Why? Now they care about wins.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Mike Brown and the Lakers (that's their name right?). How will this team play? Will it be as terrible as Cleveland in LBJ's days? How will Mike Brown and Kobe interact? Will they be hand in hand or will it be hand and Kobe's head down? Can an offense that's more traditional help this team? Will this team make major roster changes, or stay put? These are what to look for this year. The transition will be tough, but either way, as currently constructed, this is a talented squad.

Those stars that could be uhh... traded! Is Dwight leaving? Is CP3 packing his bags? Is Deron Williams going to live in Turkey for life now (I've got an unnamed source who totally tweeted that..)? Will Dwight and CP3 both go to the Lakers? Is some crazy, far fetched thing going to occur? Yes, hyping of player movement will be ever strong this year. While it's a distraction that gets away from real basketball, it happens more and more, and this year will be no different. Let's hope what's happening on the court is number one and this stays secondary.

The Celtics last run at a ring. This is the last year the big three will be going after it. Can they do it? Does Ainge blow things up with another deal? Can Rondo stay healthy and propel this team? Are they too old, or can they still get it done? Is AARP affiliated with the team? They've still got fuel in the tank, no doubts about it. Can they win it? That's all Boston cares about and rightfully so.

Kevin McHale and the Rockets. Kevin McHale is the new leader of the Rockets, who are poised to rebuild now with Yao retired. It's time for them to retool their frontline and create a true identity. With McHale at the helm, the team will be a defense first team and they'll run on offense. Similar to what Mark Jackson will emphasize in Golden State. Important for Rockets fans and observers to remember is that McHale is a big man. He'll want to specifically mentor and focus on developing the Rockets bigs. A significant part of their attack will be inside. Whether or not they have great bigs, McHale will want them getting rough down low. McHale said in an interview he wants this team to make the playoffs. I wanna see that, but I don't want the fight they had under Rick Adelman to go away. So long as that stays, this team will live up to expectations.

What are you focusing on this season? What intrigues you? Voice it in the comments!