Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideas for the Big Three during the NBA Lockout

At this time last year, NBA fans were busy with predictions of how far the Big Three – LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade – would take the Miami Heat. The hatred from the majority of fans burned bright into the preseason and overflowed into every away game that the Big Three had to face. Miami fans helped sell out opponent arenas all over the country, to the point that James began calling the team the “Heatles.”

Of course, we know the Big Three didn’t help Miami win the NBA Finals - losing to the Dallas Mavericks after six games - but they did win their division, defeating both the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls. With the NBA lockout canceling the first two weeks of this season and the potential for more, the ‘Big Three’ need to look at finding another job to put some money in their account while they are off the court. Here are some positions I think they’d qualify for.

  1. Play the giraffes in the Broadway rendition of “The Lion King” - This play is based on the same-name Disney film and all the animals are played by people. The actors who play giraffes hold up long rods with giraffe heads on the end. If any of the ‘Big Three’ get the part, they could simply wear a giraffe mask and prance around, no rod required.
  2. Stock the top shelves at Home Depot – Think about the shelves at Home Depot for a second. They mainly have everything for you on lower shelves but have you ever seen the giant ladders that employees use to get things down from the top shelves?  The Big Three could forgo the ladders and simply stretch their arm up.
  3. Goofy at Disney World – Miami isn’t too far from Orlando, so these guys could swing over to Disney World and put on the costume. They already have the height and overall clumsy demeanor.
  4. Part-time at Foot Locker –The ex-jock employees in their referee uniforms at Foot Locker are eager to yell at you over the ridiculously loud hip hop music.  And hey, they can autograph their shoes when they sell them to a customer. (No they won't, they'd charge a whole lot more for an autographed shoe!)
  5. Lawyer – They may not have much law practicing experience but when it comes to arguing, they are professionals.  Whether it was a foul on them or a no-foul call, these three take the cake on keeping order on the court and in court.
  6. Polish the Mavs World Championship rings- The Heat already figured out how to give the rings to the Mavs, so they might as well have them nice and shiny before handing them over.
  7. Magic – These guys are escape artists. If you didn’t watch the NBA Finals, you missed a great disappearing act almost every game. By the time the fourth quarter came around, the CIA couldn’t have even found them.
  8. Safety Patrol –This is a natural fit since they all choked so hard during the NBA Finals. Enough said.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charles Barkley on the Lockout

Charles Barkley was recently interviewed on ESPN Radio Chicago. He gave his thoughts on the lockout ans outlined what things need to happen to get the season started. Additionally, he talked a little NFL and what he'll be doing if the lockout is long.

Regarding the lockout, sir Charles talked about how the owners have dug their feet in the ground. He referenced David Stern's comments, in which he mentioned all the small market teams. Barkley went on to say that Stern and the all of the owners realize the league needs more competitive balance. Guys can't continue to leave small markets (Melo and LeBron have already done it, CP3 and Dwight Howard could/would be next) and the system is built so this can happen.

So what did Charles say has to give? The league needs to implement a hard cap or a 50-50 BRI (basketball related income). The owners are taking an NHL approach, it may hurt the game in the short term, but long term, things will be more balanced.

Another great point Charles made: canceling two weeks of the season is more like canceling a month to six weeks. Why? The NBA will need a free agent period and training camp before beginning play. So every cancelation of games is further prolonging the start of the season, more than Stern says. This will be something to keep in mind as more games are going to be lost.

Charles also said that despite the lockout, he still gets paid for his TNT gig! That's a great deal there! He's either planning to donate part of it to charity or defer the cash. Admirable of Charles, doing that makes sense.

What Barkley said about the lockout is really important. Whatever side you're on, he's right. The owners are obviously one side of this battle and they want certain things. Without a system that they feel can allow everyone to compete, they won't make a deal. They have a ton of cash (as do the players), but they don't care how long it takes.

I am on the side of do whatever it takes to start the season. The players and owners are both wrong in certain regards, but they just need to look past that and allow this great game to be played. So, implement one of these two things. Do what it takes to speed up this process! Last season was magnificent and there's another season on tap that could be even better.

It's up to them to make it happen! Hopefully the mediator they're meeting with can move things along. When it comes to the season, a Nike attitude needs to be taken; just do it!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Video: Shaq and Jimmy Fallon Play NBA Jam

Shaq paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently. They talked about what Shaq's been up to recently, played a round of NBA Jam and reenacted an old SNL skit. With the lockout looming and appearing to be doing so for a while longer, I loved seeing them play digital basketball.

They put a curious wager on the game and play it out, NBA Jam style. Let's just say I couldn't analyze the game easily!

It's worth a watch (and you'll probably laugh!):

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Video: Boston Celtics History

Nick Gelso of CLNSRadio teamed up with Nick Sannicandro to discuss Celtics history. Sannicandro is using this interview as part of a book about the Celtics. They give history from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and even a little on the 90's, which is incredible.

They really understood the nuances to these times and express their opinions clearly and descriptively. If you're a basketball junkie, I highly suggest you watch this!