Thursday, July 07, 2011

Deron Williams: Turkey Bound?

Deron Williams sent waves through the NBAverse today as word came out he's in talks to join Turkish club Besiktas. The team that Allen Iverson played for last season is close to landing a big time star who's looking for employment. The NBA lockout is only a week old and already we see a big name seriously considering heading overseas. Is this the beginning of a trend or just something that will shorten the lockout?

Deron Williams doesn't need tons of cash. According to Sham Sports, he made just under $15 million last year and as soon as the NBA is open for business again, he'll continue to get the big bucks (about $16.6 million is owed to him for 2011-12). Williams action (if he does sign) is one of a player who thinks the lockout will lead to a prolonged work stoppage, maybe even the loss of next season.

Scary enough? Yeah, I can't even imagine the economical losses and the personal entertainment losses. Other NBA players are considering overseas options as well, with Sonny Weems name being reported.

To echo the opinion of Nets Are Scorching, at least these guys will be playing organized basketball, whether the NBA ends the lockout or not. Now the quote NAS: "This means Deron will be spending his lockout time practicing and playing basketball, instead of sitting on his ass waiting for millionaires and billionaires to compromise on splitting a pot of BRI gold. A novel concept, I know."

So it's certainly not all bad that Deron (and others) want to take their talents elsewhere. It will enhance Deron's knowledge on the game and how different countries and personalities approach it. But the NBA really needs to not sit and watch here. Ray Allen said the lockout is basically embarrassing and guys are already suffering because they can't communicate with their organizations and use their facilities.

The game has so much further to go and as soon as the lockout ends everyone can again focus on achieving that goal. So let's get that done!

Good luck to Deron and his possible Turkish trip. Just don't come back speaking English like Hedo Turkoglu!