Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video: Slam Dunk Dog

Sure, Butler just beat Florida in OT, but who needs that?

Here's a video of a dog playing basketball:

If I had to play basketball with animals other than humans, that dog is my first pick!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video: Dwight Howard Does Late Night

Dwight Howard has such a laughable personality. We've seen him impersonate SVG and Arnold Schwarzenager and off the court he'll always flash a childlike smile. While he's grown into a serious stud on the court, he's a much nicer monster off of it. He's perfect for late night TV!

In this first video, he talks about his new album, has his singing prowess tested and more:

Then, for the finale, Dwight and Jimmy have a shooting contest, without basketballs though. Winner taking bragging rights!

I wouldn't shot valuable items like that at home, but it was funny to watch! Gotta love Dwight, he's always so personable off the court.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Poll: Continuous Basketball or Loads of Free Throw's?

NBA basketball is amazing, but sometimes it's remarkably SLOW. Tons of fouls, halfcourt offense reminiscent of the TBA (Turtle Basketball Association) and walks to the strike eliminate game flow. Great games are mostly continuous, with few stops and more action. The Suns win over the Nets in OT on Monday is a prime example. 29 free throws made for a shorter, action packed game.

A game with few stops also means a better burn for guys out there. Sure, these guys are pros, but a continuous flow would truly test their stamina. I'm not bashing the defensive battles that are prominent in the playoffs. I want the NBA to reassess the average amount of play stoppages. They should find a direct correlation between amount of free throws and overall entertainment value of the game. A game should be allowed to create it's flow as organically as possible. Stoppages (specifically free throws) stop the photosynthesis!

I want you to chime in on this. Should NBA action be more continuous? Vote in the poll and comment!