Friday, December 30, 2011

Suns Sign Michael Redd

The Phoenix Suns have signed Michael Redd to a one year, $1.3 million deal. They're giving him the veterans minimum and a chance to revive his career. This is a great signing, it's low risk, with the potential of being high reward.

The Suns training staff has long been praised for keeping guys healthy. Grant Hill, Steve Nash, Shaq (for a time) are just a couple of the guys who've benefited from their treatment. The thinking from the Suns here is that if these guys can get healthy with us, why can't Redd?

Michael has played 61 games since the 08-09 season. Left knee problems have thwarted his attempts at getting on the floor. Frankly, when he's been on the floor the last two seasons in particular, he's really not been a factor. It's been sad to see a guy play and not be able to perform. Redd is a sharpshooter, a scorer and an all around solid player. Not to mention he's seems great off the court.

Seeing Michael get a chance to get out on the floor and reprove himself is awesome. If he takes time seriously, he'll get to playing as soon as he can. Who knows, maybe the Suns have got themselves another gem here? Time will tell.