Thursday, October 13, 2011

Charles Barkley on the Lockout

Charles Barkley was recently interviewed on ESPN Radio Chicago. He gave his thoughts on the lockout ans outlined what things need to happen to get the season started. Additionally, he talked a little NFL and what he'll be doing if the lockout is long.

Regarding the lockout, sir Charles talked about how the owners have dug their feet in the ground. He referenced David Stern's comments, in which he mentioned all the small market teams. Barkley went on to say that Stern and the all of the owners realize the league needs more competitive balance. Guys can't continue to leave small markets (Melo and LeBron have already done it, CP3 and Dwight Howard could/would be next) and the system is built so this can happen.

So what did Charles say has to give? The league needs to implement a hard cap or a 50-50 BRI (basketball related income). The owners are taking an NHL approach, it may hurt the game in the short term, but long term, things will be more balanced.

Another great point Charles made: canceling two weeks of the season is more like canceling a month to six weeks. Why? The NBA will need a free agent period and training camp before beginning play. So every cancelation of games is further prolonging the start of the season, more than Stern says. This will be something to keep in mind as more games are going to be lost.

Charles also said that despite the lockout, he still gets paid for his TNT gig! That's a great deal there! He's either planning to donate part of it to charity or defer the cash. Admirable of Charles, doing that makes sense.

What Barkley said about the lockout is really important. Whatever side you're on, he's right. The owners are obviously one side of this battle and they want certain things. Without a system that they feel can allow everyone to compete, they won't make a deal. They have a ton of cash (as do the players), but they don't care how long it takes.

I am on the side of do whatever it takes to start the season. The players and owners are both wrong in certain regards, but they just need to look past that and allow this great game to be played. So, implement one of these two things. Do what it takes to speed up this process! Last season was magnificent and there's another season on tap that could be even better.

It's up to them to make it happen! Hopefully the mediator they're meeting with can move things along. When it comes to the season, a Nike attitude needs to be taken; just do it!