Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carlos Delfino Loves Brazil!

Tonight at 8:15 Eastern time, Brazil and Argentina are going to battle for the FIBA America's title. If that wasn't exciting enough, Carlos Delfino decided to throw some more heat into the fire. In an interview with Olé, Delfino said this, "Le vamos a romper el culo a Brasil." If you're unsure of what that means, like I was, it means, "we're going to rip Brazil's ass."

This game should be intense. First of all it's for the top prize and Delfino makes it sound like there's some animosity between the two. Sounds like a great ball game to me! We'll see if Delfino will put up or shut up.

Other NBA'ers (or former NBA'ers) who will be playing include Luis Scola, Manu Ginobili, Fabricio Oberto, Andres Nocioni, and Tiago Splitter. This should be a hard fought game. All of the guys I just mentioned are scrappy players. They each provide intangibles that bring value to the game. Just because it's unquantified, doesn't mean it's meaningless. That's a big part of why this game should be great.

Argentina has got more NBA talent than Brazil. I've got them winning simply based on familiarity with their roster. The game will be slow paced, physical and the teams won't like each other. To boil it down and reiterate: this game will be fun! Catch it online (check out! Also, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic play at 6 PM ET!