Monday, August 15, 2011

Ty Lawson To Play In Lithuania!

Ty Lawson will be joining Sonny Weems to play with Zalgiris Kaunas in Lithuania. He'll make a little under $1 million.

Great move for Lawson. He can hang with Weems overseas, who he already is familiar with, get better and take home some cash before the NBA season gets underway (whenever that will be). He can broaden his perspective on basketball. Seeing the overseas game can get guys to see things in a whole different dimension.

Overseas, they practice more than play games. That's a balance that they have right over there. Teams and players can fine tune their fundamentals and strategies more, simply because they have the time to do so. That could help Lawson internalize how important lots of preparation is.

Lawson is a tremendous young guard and this journey, however long it will be can't hurt him, unless an injury pops up. Let's hope it doesn't and hope he continues to improve.

Hopefully he'll do something like this in Europe!