Friday, April 08, 2011

Rumors Fly Regarding Calipari To The Knicks

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It seems like New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni has patiently waited for the team
to clean up the mess that Isiah Thomas left them. Now that he appears to have a foundation to
actually work with, he might be on the outs.

Rumors are flying that Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari is quietly angling for
another shot at the NBA. Experts who follow the NBA point spread know that Calipari had a
rough time in his first stint in the NBA, being fired rather prematurely, and as is typically the
case when that happens, the hunger to return is even stronger.

Calipari may not have as many college basketball championships as he would like but he has
pretty much proven all he needs to prove at that level. Also, everyone knows that college coaches
don’t make as much money as the pros; the NBA is where the big payday is at.

The first time Calipari coached an NBA team, he headed a short handed New Jersey
Nets squad. They weren’t the greatest team and he finished just 72-112 through just over two years. In his third season, as the team started 3-17, he was ousted. With the Knicks, he’d have Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire to work with – at least to start.

Back on the college scene, he has revived the Kentucky program and they are once again a
powerhouse on the college landscape. For the most part, he could stay at Kentucky for as long
as he wanted and part of the problem is that he knows that. Calipari knows that if he goes to
the NBA and fails again – even if it is an epic failure – he will always be able to come back to
college and find himself a job.

Do the Knicks really want to hire him as their coach and general manager? It’s always tough to
gauge what they want to do but this is a rumor that’s flying nowadays.


Anonymous said...

you think he would leave for the money? He's the highest paid coach in college basketball

Alex said...

Well, this was a sponsored post, those aren't my views exactly. I think the $ would have to be right, but more importantly the situation would have to be good. Not likely to go to a rebuilding squad

Anonymous said...

I know that's not your view - you have better sense than that! Calipari is in the best job in basketball, pro or college! I hate him for what he did to Memphis but he is the king of recruiting the one-and-done player which seems to be the direction college basketball is heading. No way he would leave Kentucky.