Monday, January 31, 2011

Talk Around the Hardwood

Long time, no links? Let's chance that!

  • Orlando Pinstriped Post. Great look at how Hedo Turkoglu's offense dictates Magic wins and losses. Advanced stats like points contributed and possessions used are used in their initial breakdown, while also a look at more typical stats also shows a similar trend.
  • Mr. Irrelevant (via @wzzntzz). ESPN said Gilbert Arenas had left knee confusion?
  • NBA Playbook. Pictures, video and analysis on why Ray Allen is so tough to guard.
  • Blazersedge. Short look at the Blazers offense this season as compared to last season.
  • TBJ. Kobe and Kanye team up for another The Black Mamba trailer.
  • Daily Thunder. Really intriguing NBA Team Simiarity Network. Worth checking out, especially if you are statistical in your view of the league.


Basketball Hoops said...

I like the new black mamba trailer.