Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad Heat Good For NBA?

From the moment the 2010-11 NBA season tipped off, most casual basketball fans tuned in on opening night because they wanted to see what the Miami Heat would look like. And who better than to put them up against than the defending Eastern Conference champions, the Boston Celtics.

After seeing Miami lose in Boston, people thought they would trample most teams which was the case early (especially after the beat down they gave Orlando) but then the team hit a slump (one we're not sure is over yet). The Heat has generated an abnormal level of hatred because of their charade of team meetings during free agency, LeBron's "The Decision" and also the celebration they held to present Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James to the home crowd.

With that said, here's the little fact that no one really cares to mention: the Heat have made the regular season relevant...for now. The Celtics have come out this season with a huge chip on their shoulder as they want to serve notice to the rest of the league that the road to the East's crown still goes through Boston.

The Los Angeles Lakers on the other hand are perhaps the least discussed  two time defending champion since the 1995-96 Houston Rockets. Outside of Los Angeles, all people want to talk about is how Miami's "3 Unit" just cannot seem to coexist. And yet, whether we care to admit it or not, this much fandom is great for the NBA. Indeed, the first Heat-Celtics game this season attracted 7,433,000 viewers, thus making it the most watched regular season NBA game on cable of all time (yes of all time). So whether you like this current Miami team or not, embrace your love/hate relationship for them because it helps sell the league.

Indeed, the NBA will be pimping the LeBron James hate fest this Thursday when his team travels to Cleveland in what will be his first ever game at Quicken Loans Arena in a non Cavs uniform. If the Heat lose, most people outside of Miami will probably go home happy given their antipathy of the team. So for the time being, it would seem that a bad Heat team is in fact good for the NBA so far because people love to see them lose. But what happens if they start winning? The interest that’s being generated in large part because of the team’s mediocrity may in fact fade if the team starts winning consistently. We should get a better indicator of this after Thursday’s game but in the meantime 50 Cent wants to share a new verse:
“Heat it or love it, don of dons NOT on top…..”

Quick hit: If the Cavaliers win on Thursday night, it might just bring back to life the career of David Caruso as his CSI: Miami crew may have to investigate the assassination of LeBron James’ character. Mind you, if the home team were to lose, expect a brand new show on CBS the following week titled CSI: Quicken Loans Arena.

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Image courtesy of NBA.COM

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks to the NBA

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks and devour a meal that would make a pig jealous. Seeing as I'm vegan, I feel I should give thanks to the game of basketball, salad in hand.

I'm thankful for nights full of NBA league pass.
I'm thankful for highlight plays that make me Ooh and Ahh.
I'm thankful for players who never give up.
I'm thankful for guys who improve in the off-season.
I'm thankful for spectacular Derrick Rose misses (don't get me started on makes).
I'm thankful for the point guard era we're in.
I'm thankful for Matt Bonner's elbow three balls.
I'm thankful for commentators like Tommy Heinsohn.
I'm thankful for Blake Griffin highlight dunks.
I'm thankful for Rajon Rondo's creative passing.
I'm thankful for Serge Ibaka's Iblocka's!
I'm thankful for Kobe Bryant's wherewithal.
I'm thankful for nail-biting finishes to games.
I'm thankful for the plays no one predicts happening.
I'm thankful for the game!

Have a great holiday everyone! Chime in with what aspects of the NBA you're thankful for in the comments!

Now back to my salad....

Monday, November 22, 2010

And The Winner Of NBA 2K11 Is...

Drum roll please...
John Paul Manahan!

Congrats John! You now have another thing to be thankful for! Play until you can't play anymore!

John said he deserved the game for this reason:
I deserve it because I am a LA Clippers fan. Yes, I cheer for the Clippers. I am perpetually optimistic about them, even though there will be a moment that will shatter it.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I wish I had more games to give away for each and every one of you.

How Good is Rondo?

By: Aaron Goldhoff

March 19, 2005 my beloved Cincinnati Bearcats are taking on the hated Kentucky Wildcats in the second round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The Bearcats were coming off the “resignation” of coach Bob Huggins and they had a solid team with future Detroit Piston Jason Maxiell leading the way. The Wildcats came in led by a young freshman, Rajon Rondo, who was averaging 8.1 pts and 3.5 assists that year. The game started and I was dazzled by the breathtaking young guard who just ran up and down the floor on my Cats. He scored, he dished, and he played cat-like defense. He ended the game with a very impressive 16 points, 7 assists, and 2 steals. Right then I knew this kid was a special talent. But would he turn into Mark Jackson, doomed to toil away on bad teams, discounting the Pacers, or was he going to be Dennis Johnson - a great defensive point guard on the Sonic and Celtic Championship teams?

He joins the Celtics in 2006 after being drafted 21st overall and subsequently traded by the Suns. He joined the Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson Led Celtics who had gone 33-49 the year before. He averaged 6.4 ppg and 3.8 apg his rookie and year and everyone was worried about his jump shot and about how he was going to make this team better. But then KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth showed up and he became the glue that held this transformed team together. He averaged 10.6 ppg and 5.1 apg and the Celtics won the NBA Championship. Still, he was caught behind the Big 3. The following year’s playoffs we had the greatest playoff series of all time, which starred Rondo vs. Rose and it really showed everyone in the world that Rondo was for real. In that series he had two triple doubles and a 19-assist game. He ended those playoffs with a ridiculous 16.9 ppg, 9.7 rpg and 9.8 apg. Now we come to the 2010 playoffs where Rondomania just went nuts as he had two triple doubles, 29 points, 18 boards and 13 dimes then 19 points, 12 boards, and 10 dimes. The latter against the Lakers in the NBA Finals. So, of course we came into this season expecting huge things from Rondo, and he has been absolutely dealing. 17 dimes to start the season against the Heat, a ridiculous 10 point, 10 board, and 24 assist effort against the “defensive minded” Knickerbockers, and another 17 assist effort against the Pistons. Looking at all of these stats, however, just bores me and probably you so maybe just watch the guy play. His breathtaking driving and dishing or his absolute cat-like defense is just awesome. He is so much fun to watch and he really is the catalyst for the defending Eastern Conference Champions. He is not Mark Jackson because he doesn’t have “the shake” and he is not DJ because he doesn’t have a three point shot but he is just Rajon Rondo and he is exploding right in front of our eyes.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monsieur Parker Est Divorcé! C'est Bon?

Oh, the pain of divorce. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria will soon part ways, showing deuces and all. Longoria filed for a divorce today, but is there a bright side for Parker's basketball career here?

Tony should be a little ticked off and ready to play tonight. He's matched against a stud PG in Derrick Rose and the game's on ESPN. Is this the formula for French dominance? It sure seems plausible.

Think of it like Kobe's assault trial, or even Steve Nash's recent divorce. When a player's personal life is going badly, they can usually focus in more than most people. It makes sense, their only task is to take care of court business (pun-intended), get a win and forget what's bad back home.

I'm looking for Tony to play great tonight, all the variables are stacked positively for him. Hopefully he'll be inspired to play his best game.

Also, single Eva Longoria? For ladies, single Tony Parker? Maybe it's not all bad!


I've you're an NBA fan that saw the movie Inception, make sure you check this video out. It captures the movie and LeBron's television extravaganza from this summer. Even if you haven't seen the film, watch the vid. You will enjoy it! Great concept here.

Hats off to Steve for the video!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Steve Nash Retiring For Politics?

The Phoenix NewTimes is reporting that Steve Nash will leave the Suns effective November 15th. According to their story, he is doing so to run for mayor of Victoria, Canada. They say his eventual goal is to be the prime minister.

This story has not been confirmed yet. If it is true, wow oh wow. I will have much to say and what a disappointment it'd be.

Until this is fact checked, what do you think about this news? Did your jaw drop?

UPDATE: Thankfully, it was a hoax! The Nash era will continue.