Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monsieur Parker Est Divorcé! C'est Bon?

Oh, the pain of divorce. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria will soon part ways, showing deuces and all. Longoria filed for a divorce today, but is there a bright side for Parker's basketball career here?

Tony should be a little ticked off and ready to play tonight. He's matched against a stud PG in Derrick Rose and the game's on ESPN. Is this the formula for French dominance? It sure seems plausible.

Think of it like Kobe's assault trial, or even Steve Nash's recent divorce. When a player's personal life is going badly, they can usually focus in more than most people. It makes sense, their only task is to take care of court business (pun-intended), get a win and forget what's bad back home.

I'm looking for Tony to play great tonight, all the variables are stacked positively for him. Hopefully he'll be inspired to play his best game.

Also, single Eva Longoria? For ladies, single Tony Parker? Maybe it's not all bad!