Thursday, October 28, 2010

Win NBA 2K11!

NBAtipoff is giving away a copy of NBA 2K11 for PS3 OR Xbox 360! I've yet to play the game, but everyone who's told me about it is beyond impressed. This review sums up some of the awesomeness of the game. The contest will go for two weeks.

How do you enter?
  • Leave a comment on this post with your name and email. Also, a reason why you deserve the game. Each reason will be ranked from 1-3. Comments without a reason will NOT be entered in the contest.
This contest is open worldwide! The winner will be chosen this way: the reason ranking determines how many times your name is thrown into the hat. So, a comment that's rated a three will be put into the hat three times. The name I draw out of the hat wins the game.

Enter now and good luck to you!

UPDATE: I'm extending the contest to next Thursday, November 18th! Enter now!


Anonymous said...

derekh or

i deserve the game because i still believe in darko!

Anonymous said...

I deserve the game because of my love for the National Basketball Association. I am an avid fan with a pure passion for the game. If I win, I will utilize the game to its fullest potentials, and play it to the extreme! GO CAVS!

David Gotwald:

John Paul Manahan said...

John Paul Manahan (

I deserve it because I am a LA Clippers fan. Yes, I cheer for the Clippers. I am perpetually optimistic about them, even though there will be a moment that will shatter it.

Anonymous said...

I deserve this game because i believe that it will be one of the best NBA experiences known to date for the fact you can play with the legend Micheal Jordan in matches not played before. It should be the best NBA game of the year!

Quincy Williams

Anna_Kramer said...

Anna Kramer

I believe that I deserve this game because I'm a true basketball fan through and through! I love watching, playing and analyzing games, teams all of it! :) Bring on more basketball!

Anonymous said...

I deserve the game because i am possibly the biggest basketball fan on earth. I have been a season ticket holder of the celtics for 13 years. I just got my ps3 and I think getting this game would be the greatest way to break in the new system. I will play it everyday. Please give me this game. I deserve it.


Eugene Tyburski

Anonymous said...

i deserve this game because i recently lost my job and had to cancel my preorder of the game to help my father pay some bills. im a HUGE NBA fan and so is everyone in my house we would love to play this game all day everyday.

Chris McCabe

Anonymous said...

jarell- I truly deserve this game because first i have been a 2k fan since you guys have come out. I never Owned a NBA Live Basketball game even when they were on top of there game. secondly i am a true baskeball fan and i thank 2k sports is the closes i can get to the NBA exsperience. each year i luved what NBA 2k does to baskeball. 3rd i am thee best in nba 2k hands down. i am a die hard nba 2k fan and definitley thank i am truly worthy of winning a copy of NBA 2k11 thanks

Anonymous said...

Anthony Avila
I deserve this game because I love sports period, especially basketball. Plus I love the 2k series and really want this game.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel Negron
I deserve NBA 2k11 cause i love the features this game offers and I'm a fan of 2k sports and the NBA. 23 aka MJ is on the cover you can never go wrong with that . Plus I GO HARD IN THE PAINT! Passion Pride Competition Respect are potential of the NBA and this Game