Monday, October 11, 2010

Who'll Be This Year's MVP?

The preseason has begun with a bang. Most everybody's in good shape and I'm as eager for this season as a five year old is for Christmas. In watching the early games and listening to the predictions, the MVP race is, in my opinion, down to two. I'm usually not into early MVP chatter, but Kevin Durant and Dwight Howard look poised to challenge for the award.

Dwight Howard's name hasn't been mentioned in early predictions; however, he looks amazing early on. He's as buff as ever, has a more serious look on the floor and has added to his offensive repertoire (check out some of his work). His post game is the reason he could win the MVP. When he's not fouled down low, he can score almost every time. Jump hooks, drop steps and thunderous dunks are a cinch for Superman.

What plagues Howard is free throw shooting. He's improved his offense, but he has not improved his free throws. He now has a Tim Duncan-esque bank jumper, although the range on the shot is limited. His form is the same and it's sad to think that that could lose him the award (and many games).

Now, Kevin Durant. What do I need to say about this guy? His middle name is consistency, he works hard all the time and his team is awesome. Right now, he sure looks like the MVP. He should lead the league in scoring and continue to progress defensively. Also, unlike Dwight, his jump shot is sweet and silky smooth. The only weakness you could say he has is lack of experience deep in the NBA playoffs.

Consequently, Durant is not a sure thing. Yet. Howard made my jaw drop with his new skills in preseason and if he can continue, he will be right there. I'm looking forward to seeing which one executes the best on both ends. Howard is a better defender, but Durant is a true scorer.

A competition they will have, that's for sure!