Monday, August 09, 2010


Yes, the Detroit Pistons have shown interest in Tracy McGrady. Initially it was falsely reported on Twitter as a signing; Joe Dumars has cleared that up and said they have only had discussions.

Does it make sense for either party to come together? Not much at all. So why is it being discussed? Because McGrady needs someplace to play and the Pistons need to create excitement about their rebuilding team. Dumars could be seen as desperate and McGrady can be a cheap fill-in if and when Dumars moves Rip Hamilton and others. Though a young team looking to build the youth, it shouldn't need to take on a venturing veteran.

I would like to see McGrady go to Detroit. Then, I want Dumars to move Hamilton and Prince. It is time to admit that this team must start over. Down years will be plentiful for a little while. The Pistons have attempted to hold onto some of the pieces that got them places in the past, but now is the time to move along.

Detroit has some nice young guys, but more minutes need to be available for them. Taking on a true rebuilding-like roster will allow that goal to be achieved.

Please go to Detroit, Tracy. And Joe, I hope you see that the future is brighter if you rebuild right now.