Monday, August 02, 2010

Are The Bulls The Thunder Of The East?

The Chicago Bulls have made tremendous additions this off-season. A scoring big man in Carlos Boozer brings experience and a true offensive complement to Joakim Noah, various roles players have been brought in, and stealing part of the Utah Jazz can't be bad, can it? You add that to Derrick Rose and you've got a dynamic team that can rise and rise for years to come. Does that sound like another squad? The Oklahoma City Thunder are also built around young stars and role players.

Chicago is obviously quite different, Rose being their Durant. Totally different kind of star and leader. Rose can be just as great as KD in his own way. Boozer's post offense is largely non-existent for Oklahoma City, but that will certainly change eventually. Noah reminds me of Serge Ibaka without the offensive aptitude Ibaka has shown early on. Noah and Ibaka battle and battle, even after the war appears to be over.

What does this mean for the avid NBA fan and the Bulls? Fans will soon see that the Bulls are the perfect second favorite team. When you watch the Thunder, it's incredibly difficult not to get behind them. Whether it's Durant filling it up and still caring about other elements of the game, or a smooth left hander in James Harden, the Thunder are full of young Energizer Bunnies. Even fans that favor one team can appreciate seeing the all-out exertion that is commonplace from the Thunder.

Chicago is built to deliver the same greatness. Rose will showcase his shoe-defying speed with and without the ball, Noah will block shots and get in your face about it and role players will be solid overall. Tom Thibodeau will instill a powerful defensive focus, just as Scott Brooks does for the Thunder.

So, if you're looking for a second team to root for, or just a young team that will be increasingly competitive, look no further than the Thunder in the West and now the Bulls in the East. Chicago will earn new fans for showing true heart, hunger and amazement on the basketball court.

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Nick / NSS said...

I believe in Chicago. I think they are flying under the radar. Well, everyone is except Miami. I just feel people shouold not take the Bulls lightly.

Nice Read.